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Colorado Eye Resist en Las Suavecitas del Recuerdo!

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Carter y Astrid



Las Suavecitas del Recuerdo!

Tim Paynter y Manny “el Rey” en la lucha por los derechos

humanos por todas personas!

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Please call your congressman and tell them to vote YES on Colorado Asset!

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Colorado Asset Needs A Kick In The A**

We must support the children of undocumented immigrants! We cannot let them lose this critical fight for basic civil rights!  Please get involved.  Call your senator and tell him he should support this bill!  Come with us in our coalition building and tell all people that discrimination is unjust!

The following article was printed as http://technorati.com/politics/article/undocumented-youth-must-step-up-to/ on Technorati by Tim Paynter.

If you think the children of undocumented immigrants should go to school, then please do something about it! That is the urgent message of Brenden Green of the Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition (CIRC) who pleads with supporters to keep up the heat on passage of Colorado SB-126 in a broadcast email to the community.

Brittany Hernandez with Eye Resist talks about Colorado Asset

Colorado ASSET-SB 126 ACTION ALERT!” Green says in his press release.

The opposition to the bill which would add thousands to school coffers and cost the state nothing is running into a buzz saw of opposition. Some people insist the only way to stop immigration is to take their frustration out on the children of immigrants, who remain innocent of breaking any law. Most crossed the border, all right. However, many were so young they could not form a memory of the crossing. Others like 9 to 12 year olds were doing as they were told. How can a child be guilty of crossing the border without inspection when she crossed at the age of 1 year?



“Our opponents are turning up the volume and have their people calling and emailing our state legislature.”

Green says there is a non-committed vote in Jean White, a Republican. They hope an intensive lobby effort will change her mind, and ask people to call her at 303-866-2586. The suggest people ask her to support this critical piece of legislation so that children do not continue to be victims in Colorado.

Undocumented youth are trapped in a system and have not been able to find a way out. Most grow up in the US, believe they are citizens, then get a big shock when it is with their friends. They don’t qualify for most colleges because they don’t have a social security number. They can’t get student aid or student loans, and to top it all off, they must pay in-state tuition.

on steps iism 
The barrier to an education keeps many children born into poverty right where they are. Brilliant youth, some top of their class, are left with few options more than picking lettuce and living a life in which just getting by is difficult.

Colorado SB 126 solves these problems. While it does not provide a path to citizenship as did the Dream Act, it gives undocumented youth the chance to go to school. Using what they learn, they can start their own businesses or perhaps find a business that will take them. They don’t qualify for scholarships, but at least they don’t have to pay out of state tuition, a deal killer for most of them.

Tstudents manuel and tim
Tim Paynter and Manny "El Rey" with protesters at Colorado capitol
Colleges will benefit, as well. A similar law in Texas brought in over $17 million in needed revenue to the schools during the first year of use. It is the best deal going right now, even though it fails to address many immigrant issues. It is a step in the right direction towards keeping bright minds in the state instead of sending them to other places.
Brendan Greene from the Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition (CIRC) requests your yes vote on this critical issue. Without the help of the public undocumented youth will be once again castigated even though they have done nothing to deserve it. Schools will lose millions of dollars in revenue, and property taxes will no doubt reflect the huge budget cuts.

stop arizona

'Students will be discussing Colorado SB 126 this Saturday, March 5th, 2011, on 1150 AM Denver radio, Las Suavacitas del Recuerdo, at 11:00 am mountain time.  Interested parties are welcome to make their comment by calling the stations hot line, 303.337.1150.  The radio is also available by inter-net radio on  http://suavacitas.blogspot.com/.  Callers from others areas who advocate for the Dream Act might gain some insight by considering the Colorado law.
Hablas con nosotros!
sabado 11:00 am
Las Suavacitas Del Recuerdo!

Read more: http://technorati.com/politics/article/undocumented-youth-must-step-up-to/page-2/#ixzz1FSoiyb5n
Read more: http://technorati.com/politics/article/undocumented-youth-must-step-up-to/#ixzz1FSnpkxIb
Solomente tu puedes llevar los cambios que necesitamos hacer!  Por favor, unite con nosotros y ayuda nos en los suenos de los de mas!

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Sara Marie Tomerlin-Hedger Se Habla Con Las Suavacitas del Recuerdo!





A Poem by:

Sara Marie Tomerlin-Hedger

I will be silent no more
I heard the lies growing up,
The ones that are whispered in white folks’ homes.
The jokes that aren’t funny
But program you with a smile on your face.
The jokes about shooting “cans.”
The jokes about them, the others, the not us.
The illegals, the wetbacks, the aliens.
All those over there,
In front of the Home Depot
(When they were still allowed to stand there
And beg for honest work, for labor).

And they would run up to the sides of white trucks
Driven by white men.
And I would wonder with my child mind,
Why do they run?

As a farmer’s daughter we ran our horses
When we wanted to sell them
To white men in white trucks,
In order to show off their value.
Now, as an adult, I see the two displays as the same.
As I have grown so has our hate toward them—
The others, those over there, the not us.

When I enrolled in college I was so happy.
Happy to be a woman,
Happy to be the first in my family,
Happy to be in higher education.

2 years in, Proposition 300 was passed.
Many people have forgotten it now.
It was the first step of control,
Of open racism, of open hate,
Of closed thinking.
And it passed in my sacred land.
It was so that they, the others, the not us,
Could not get, and would not get, a foot up.
It was a ban on education.
If you could not prove your citizenship

Then you—a not us—must pay out of state tuition
For the entire duration.
This inflated tuition was 3 times my fare.
And in that moment, it happened.
I found I have a ball in my throat,
A round and heavy sphere.
If I swallow it, it shall consume me.
So I keep it there, lodged.

It is the blackness that shuts out truths,
And it will silence you.
And so it went on,
With the minute men,
And with the people who tipped over
And destroyed water stations,
Pouring water, Arizona’s blood
Onto the dusty desert floor.
Knowing that they caused certain doom
For them, those others, the not us.

And then, SB1070 so we could once and for all
Be done with them—the alien, the illegal, the wetback.
They are not even worth reading about
Or teaching about.
She said we have to keep it from our children
As if it is something catchy.

Don’t speak of them, the others, the not us.
And when Tucson schools refused,
And funding was threatened, they swallowed hard
The sphere of lies and silence.
Now it rests in their belly and they fight no more.
Justice forever gone, scattered in the Sonoran wind,
And still it was not enough.

Now they—the others, the not us, the those over there—
Must carry papers,
Just as the Jews were forced to in Nazi Germany.
And all of this has defined us
More than it has them.
We who whisper behind closed doors
And in voting booths.
We who sit on the sidelines and cheer for no one.
We who let them—the dictators—tell us what to believe.

And as I write this,
I feel the ball in my throat contract and tighten.
Perhaps you can feel it too?
It is awkward and discomforting,
And as it tries to silence me I cry out.
I will not let this hate define me
Nor my generation
Nor my people.
And I will yell
And I will tell all who will listen.
I will be silent no more.





punto de vista!




11:00 a.m. Sabado!

Mountain Standard Time


lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Manny “El Rey” Con Hans Meyer de CIRC


Las suavacitas del recuerdo es su estación de radio para la comunidad inmigrante!  Estamos aquí para usted!

Manny "El Rey" y Tim Paynter fue a la capitoliol para apoyar la protesta contra las leyes injustas!


against sb 1070 in colo 084

En la imagen, Manny habla con Hans Meyer, quien habló en la reunión!

Muchos quieren saber cómo un SB 1070 afectará a Colorado? ¿Qué necesitamos hacer para evitar que estas leyes injustas?


against sb 1070 in colo 020

Manny se encuentra por la comunidad inmigrante durante estos tiempos difíciles!  Dice que estamos en la lucha contra la injusticia, y debemos estar juntos!


Century Auto Brokers!

5300 West Colfax Avenue

(303) 238-2310

Un compania con mucha experiencia y buen reputacion!

Menciones Tim y Manny y recibes un precio menos $500.00!

Tim Paynter Arestado en Phoenix sb 1070


Después de la ley SB 1070 fue firmada en ley por el gobernador Jan Brewer, decidí que tenía que tomar medidas. Fui al evento de Alto Arizona en Phoenix, Az., y se ofreció para hacer lo que pude.

El 29 de julio, la ley entró en vigor. Llegué en la cuarta calle en frente del Departamento del Sheriff del Condado de Maricopa cárcel. La calle estaba llena de gente. Había una pared de policías y detrás de ellos, las líneas de la gente de la mano, cantando y gritando.

Me tomó la mano de una persona en línea y pronto me encontré bajo arresto. El video narra parte de la historia. Lo que no se puede ver en el video fue el 26 horas de infierno en la cárcel del Sheriff Arpaio.



Azteca Auto Concepts





1120 So. Federal Blvd.


(303) 742-4749

Si usted menciona “Tim y Manny” recibir Balaceo de llantas de forma gratuita!


Estudiantes Hablan de Colo Asset


El proyecto de ley de Colorado propone que se permita a los estudiantes indocumentados a pagar la matrícula a el mismo precio que los residentes. 

Además, proporcionará una fuente de financiación para las universidades de Colorado enormes que están cortos de dinero, y proporcionar una solución a corto plazo a la Dream Act.

Algunas de las personas de Colorado Asset quien sabe de la ley se unirá a nosotros en el 1150 am de radio a las 11:00 hora estándar de montaña de este Sábado, 05 de marzo 2011. Por favor únase a nosotros y expresar su punto de vista!



Compartanos tu punto de vista!

domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Community Protests Secure Communities and anti-immigration measures!


La comunidad en leas injustos en Denver, CO la lucha contra 
Con Tim Paynter and Manny "El Rey", Cancioes, Conversaciones de importante de la comunidad, de la libertad!

     Tim y Manny fueron a los escalones del capitolio en Denver, Co. para apoyar leas injustos en Colorado!  

We came to support our community as it protests unfair immigration laws in the State of Colorado!

Por favor, apoya los negocios que estan an nuesta 
We must stand in solidarity with others in the community who suffer.  Until we broaden our horizons and our communities we cannot be the powerhouse that change will require.  But when we get it all together, nothing will stop us!  

Tim Paynter being arrested in Phoenix Arizona During immigration protest

Suavacitas del Recuerdo is a community based radio station which caters to a diverse audience.  We play musics, tell jokes mostly about ourselves, and talk about the events in the community.  Manny "El Rey" and Tim Paynter "El Abogado"!